Monday, 7 November 2016


  • MOTIVATION- Is for sometime.
  • INSPIRATION- was forever with you.
It is usually happens with all of us as we once try to change ourselves or our habits, and all also take some actions to be a part of change but cannot sustain to a longer hours.
There is genuine reason behind this, for instance we take an example of a common man who dreamt to be a richest man in the world.He take multiple actions towards its dream for success. He have all in him to make revolution in his life will power,strength, courage and spirit.
He makes plans, put those plans in action for some days, weeks,months.But hard times comes when he can`t sustain towards his plans, he get stuck.
And follows his old daily routine moves to the wrong track and then his dream of becoming a world richest become fade because he cannot motivated for a longer time.
And that is the small reason why we cannot sustain to our daily schedule, plans,and also our dreams. Because we doesn`t motivated all the time.
we ignited to takes actions as we just watched a video of a successful person, or read an article of an topper who successfully cleared IAS or any other exams.These all stuffs arouse us to take actions but they never lasts long.
AS a survey tells that 99% peoples are fails in life because they are not consistent in any particular work whether that work was their dream whom they want to achieve in any conditions.
  • So instead to be motivated be inspired.
  • Because inspiration never lefts you.
  • And the day you get inspired is the day you make a revolution.
So being a learner I want to share a little idea with you to get inspired all the time.
MAKE A ROLE MODEL- whom you follow to an unlimited extent.
There are some list of person whom could be a perfect role model.
  1. DILLIP CHABBARIYA- man behind aston martin.
  2. STEVE JOBS- founder of apple.
  3. BILL GATES- founder of microsoft.
  4. SANDEEP MAHESWARY- founder and ceo of
  5. NARENDRA MODI- honorable prime minister of India.
  6. BARRACK OBAMA- honorable president of America.
  7. DHEERU BHAI AMBANI- founder of reliance industries.
  8. NORMAN VINCENT PEALE- author of power of positive thinking.
  9. JACK MA- founder of alibaba.
  10. SATYA NADELA- ceo at microsoft
  11. SUNDAR PICHAAI-ceo at
And here is a small personal idea to be inspired that there is any person around us whom words are worthy to us, who always want us to be successful and sometimes scold us for to be serious about our career.
# pause that scolding movement and record that voice clip.
#jot down the words of the clip in the notes which you read everyday.
memorize the clip until you remembered those words.
revise them everyday, keep them in your mind.
and think of those word before taking any steps towards your dream, i am sure that you will get inspired to an unlimited extent.

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