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DILIP CHABBARIYA- man behind aston martin

Dilip Chhabria is an Indian car designer and the founder of DC Design. He designed and manufactured DC Avanti, considered India's first supercar.

The Person:

Mr Dilip Chhabria – Promoter of Dilip Chhabria Design Private Limited is currently recognized as the leading Automobile Designer in India. Qualified in Transportation Design from Art Centre of Design Pasadena, USA. Worked with General Motors USA in the Design Centre. Started own auto accessory business and became one of the largest auto accessory manufacturer in the country.
Using Design as a differentiator Dilip Chhabria has made true the ‘mantra’, ‘Good Design is Good Business’, by establishing a Design based company in a country where intellect was not one paid for, valued or protected. A classic case of entrepreneurship has resulted in translating

The Company:

Dilip Chhabria Design (DCD) was formed in 1993 with the sole aim of offering Design and Prototyping services to the Indian OEM industry as well as customized one off solutions to the Individual Buyer.12 yrs down it has to its credit over 500 designs on the roads as work done in the above segments and in the process have a very strong Brand – ‘DC Design’ known for innovative eye-catching products and a huge fan following. In fact through the website that is constantly updated we have fan list of over 4500 people who have registered and are constantly kept updated on our activities.

The following are the highlights in the company's history: 

1995: First international prototyping project for Hawtall Whiting.
1998: 1st generation of add on body styling kits developed for a range of cars
1999: Attracts Private Equity funding and sets up a new production plant for Tuning Kits
2000: Gets second round of funding from Jardine Fleming.
2001: Started production of High end buses/coaches
2002: Participation in Geneva Motor Show resulting in the Aston Martin Prototyping Project
2003: Participation in the Geneva Motor Show
2004: Participation in the Geneva Motor Show

"My parents had to paint the house walls several times because I used to draw car pictures on them. I was obsessed with cars and I wasn't aware there was a career in car designing," says Dilip Chhabria, founder of DC Design.A well-known designer and innovator shared his life journey, career in modifying cars and success story with the students of Manipal University on Friday. The event was organised by Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal."I was very shy, filled with inferiority complex, never liked going to college, but I was pursuing my hobby outside classroom. I had a lot of time for myself since I was shy and it was the genesis of my career. So, people who are shy should feel proud about it," he said when asked by the moderator to describe his days as a college student. For him, car models were his role models.

Talking about his girlfriend in his college days, Dilip said on a lighter note, "My girlfriend strengthened my inferiority complex by dumping me very fast, which helped me succeed. So guys, if you want to be successful - get dumped." He continued to add that his ex-girlfriend called him after 25 years and told him that her son loves his car design and is a huge fan. "Then I realised I was not that bad after all. Today, her daughter has become my daughter-in-law," he said.After college, he left for US to pursue studies in car design. "I expected to be an entrepreneur but not a car designer since my dad was into manufacturing electrical component. However, he supported my passion and individuality and thus, I kick-started my career in 1993," he said.

His love for cars inspired the names of his children. He named his daughter Minica and son as Bonita. "My son is still angry at me for choosing this name," he added.Dilip revealed that he soon earned name and fame when DC designed the Bond car, Aston Martin V8 Vantage. "Cars are like moving billboards and they get noticed very easily,"he said.When asked about his favourite design, he said that it's always the latest one. "It's like love - you're always in love with the latest crush."'No future for diesel cars'According to Dilip, the road for diesel cars will come to end soon due to emission problem. Petrol and electric car will increase.

Dilip’s love for cars started with his fascination for doodling them on every surface at his home. Armed with a commerce degree and with no idea on what to do with his future was when he chanced upon an advertisement that said-“Do you want to be a car designer?” A surprised Dilip realized that his hobby could culminate into a career too. He applied to the Automotive Design Arts Center in California where he majored in transportation design. He cut short his stint with General Motors because of the red tape associated with working in huge corporations. The same Dilip goes on to become the automobile style guru and founder of DC designs whose repertoire includes designing expensive cars, executive jets, helicopters, designing yachts and making India’s first sports car, DC Avanti.

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